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Fuel Injector Services
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Ultrasonic injector cleaning (All makes & models) Throttle body clean
Injector seals Injector filter baskets
Injector pintle caps Injector rebuild kits
Sale of new and exchange injectors Labour to remove and refit fuel system components


New and Exchange diesel injectors available in stock


Fuel Injector Serivces is available for you to ring for advice. People receive mixed messages and information when researching the issues with their vehicle we are more than happy for you to call and obtain as much information as you feel necessary from our technician who has an excess of 20 years mechanical experience & knowledge.

The simple CALL may just be enough to help put your mind at ease and re-establish yourself with confidence.

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Symptoms of Fuel Injector Problems

Fuel Injector Cleaning Brisbane

It may be suggested that the fuel injectors need replacing, which is a very expensive method of solving the problem. A new injector may cost between $100 - $300 per injector. During difficult times, $600 to $1,000 is money we could well do without spending.

If this method has been suggested... STOP!

The minimum life expectancy of an injector is 1 billion pulses, well within the life expectancy of the car. Fuel injectors can be cleaned both inside the fuel passage and outside around the seat and pintle head by your friendly mobile FIS – Fuel Injector Service specialist.

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