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Fuel Injector Cleaning Brisbane
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Mobile Fuel Injector Cleaning
Mobile Fuel Injector Cleaning Brisbane
Mobile Fuel Injector Cleaning Brisbane

Has your vehicle lost its performance?
Your fuel injectors may need to be cleaned

Over time, chemicals, lacquers and varnish in various fuels contaminate the fuel injector. This build-up of contamination can occur inside the body of the injector, on the pintle valve, the pintle head and seat, and also in the injector’s filter basket fitted to the neck of the injector, restricting the fuel flow rate and impacting performance.

We clean and service all types of fuel injectors, both mechanical and electronic, petrol and diesel. Call our fuel injector cleaning specialists now on 0411 862 898 and we’ll get your car running smoothly again.

We service dealerships, mechanical workshops and the private sector in Brisbane, Ipswich and Gold Coast.